Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux’s Cozy Rental House

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by hookedonhouses on September 8, 2011

Remember when Jennifer Aniston sold her 10,000 square-foot Mid-Century Modern in Beverly Hills for $38 million earlier this year, saying she wanted to live in something cozier? Looks like she meant it.

First she bought two apartments in NYC to convert into a 2,700 square-foot duplex. Then she fell in love with actor Justin Theroux, and the couple rented this 2-bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills. I love that she’s living in 1,700 square feet when she could afford 17,000.

Any fans of the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation” out there? It took me a while to warm up to the show, but now I never miss an episode. Justin Theroux had a funny role as Amy Pohler’s too-good-to-be-true love interest in the second season.

He was so clean-cut and businesslike on that show that I didn’t realize that was the guy she was dating at first. I was all, like, “Jen! Why didn’t you tell me he was on Parks & Rec? I thought you were dating some random bearded dude on a motorcycle!” When he shaved his beard recently, I finally recognized him.

They didn’t want to buy a place right away, Us Weekly reports, so they’re renting this fully-furnished, $3 million house for (gulp) $17,500 a month. Apparently they got a deal–it used to be $20 grand. Once again, I note how glad I am to live in one of the fly-over states where you could lease a lovely house like this for under $2,000.

The house is reportedly owned by a film location scout, which may be why it’s so easy to imagine a movie being filmed here. A rom-com, most likely.

The kitchen has kind of an odd, triangular shape to it.

Those top shelves look way high. I’d never be able to reach them!

The guest bedroom:

Love all the vaulted ceilings in the house, and the french doors in the master bedroom:

There’s a garage on the property that was converted into additional living space, too:

Like it? You can read more about the house and see the rest of the photos at Photos of Jen’s just-sold mansion here.

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