Over-the-Top Kids’ Rooms: Would You Spend This Much?

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by hookedonhouses on June 1, 2011

This fabulous pirate bedroom, created by interior designer Steve Kuhl for one lucky kid in Minneapolis, has a rope bridge, crow’s nest, and secret hiding compartment, which is pretty darn cool. But it set the parents back a whopping $60,000.

“Good Morning America” gave us a tour of it recently and says this family isn’t alone in spending big bucks on over-the-top rooms for their youngins. Oh, no. And some are shelling out even more.


Lara Spencer interviewed another designer who says she helped a mother create the perfect $76,000 bedroom for her daughter. That one included a $15,000 custom mural and a pair of $8,600 sofas. *Cough.*

Watch the GMA segment below and see for yourself (click here to watch it if it doesn’t come up on this page for you):


I really think people should be able to spend their money how they want, and on what’s important to them. But I have to say, this seems a little nutty to me. As a mother, I know how many stages my kids have gone through and how things they’re interested in today may change tomorrow.

If I spent a bazillion dollars on a mermaid theme for my daughter’s room, she’d better like it forever. Cuz it ain’t changing.

I also feel pretty strongly about not raising my daughter to think she’s a princess. If I spent the equivalent of a college education on her room when she was 2, she might start getting ideas that she’s some kind of royalty…

But I have to admit these rooms are a lot of fun to look at–and probably to play in, too. I can see why people who can afford it might want to go all-out.

One mom GMA interviewed says she just wanted to give her daughter what she never had. Seems like she must have had a lot as a child herself if she had to go this far out to top it!

Would you spend this kind of money if you had it? Do you think the over-the-top kids’ rooms are crazy-creative–or just plain crazy?

You can read more about this segment on ABC News and see the pirate bedroom here.

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