Dear Olivia Wilde: I Want Your House

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by Nikki Pepper, Posted Apr 29th 2011 12:00PM

Going through a move and a divorce is tough, so we offer Olivia Wilde some advice — and a potential plan — while touring her just-listed home.

Olivia Wilde houseWhat would her fans say about all those lights on and no one home? That’s no way to be eco-friendly. Photo:

Dear Olivia,

I typically don’t do this type of thing but after seeing your $3.1 million 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home, I felt the need to jump in. You must understand — here at ShelterPop, we look through tons of beautiful home photos every day, so it’s rare that a house makes me feel so lovestruck. But your beautiful California Cape-Cod-style did the trick.

This must be a tough time for you. Yes, divorce is tough. Uprooting your life, changing homes — all overwhelming. That’s why I have this offer for you: Step back, relax for bit, and do some thinking. Take the house off the market so you don’t have to worry about potential buyers traipsing through. I’ll move in with your hunky hubby temporarily — or longer — and manage the household/wife duties.

Olivia Wilde houseAhh, so spa-like and serene. Photo:

Remember, I’m just looking out for you. Apparently soaking in this deep, claw-foot tub just wasn’t enough. When the smooth wood tones and soft natural light doesn’t soothe you, that’s when you know it’s time to give yourself some space.

And just because you’re not around, please let your friends know they are still more than welcome. I am more than happy to whip up something on the double range. A kitchen like this shouldn’t go to waste! (Just let me know what Tao‘s faves are.)

There’s plenty of room in this casual dining area of yours. So why not make a night out of it? After everyone eats such a big meal, they surely won’t feel like driving. They can stay for breakfast too if they want. The natural morning light spilling in is too lovely not to share.

Just as a heads-up: There’s a thing or two I’d like to change. The bedroom is a perfect size, but I think a bit more color would suit it well. Maybe new bedding and a bit of vibrant wall art? Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to run changes by Tao first to get his approval.

Best wishes (and fingers crossed!)


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