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Cartoons have always inspired people of all ages for various reasons! Whether it is for their humour, story, characters and for some, their houses. Yes, cartoon houses! Probably their uniqueness, neatness, style or some other aspect happens to have inspired a few people in a big way, so much so, that they wanted to live in that fantasy dream house, and ended up doing so.

Here’s a peek into a few houses which seem like they have come outright from the television set, yet realistic enough to be lived in.

The Simpsons, one of the all time favourites of children and adults, has been well appreciated by a replica of the cartoon house in Henderson, Nevada. This house cost $120,000 and was originally built by a contest as a giveaway prize.

Every little girl’s favourite toy Barbie Doll and every grown up girl’s jealousy is Barbie’s slim figure. For whatever reasons there maybe, here’s a life-size Barbie house, definitely worth a visit, and an architectural masterpiece. It was designed by Jonathan Adler in March to celebrate Barbie turning 50!

The centrepiece mirror above the fireplace was made out of 65 Barbie Dolls.

Flintstones speaks about the cave days and how a cave could be made a stylish dwelling. Someone seems to have wanted to date back and try it out. This is an unbelievable yet tempting place to live in.


This Hobbit House was built by a family in England. The walls and roof are made of mud and straw and there is a 6-foot hole for food storage in the ground. Of course there are lot of problems faced in such kind of a home but then, it’s all a design fetish.

Lego a part of every kid’s childhood seems to have made a place into interior design too.

Here is a house inspired by star wars. The cosy parking right beneath the house seems too perfect to be true.

This is another house inspired by a tech cartoon.  Seems a little uncomfortable to live in, but never the less has a classy look.

Saving the best for the last! Hello Kitty House! This is a treat for all little hello kitty fans. It is a villa in Shanghai designed completely in pink and based on the entire theme of hello kitty.  Must be too perfect to live in this place for more than a week!

Hope a few more cartoons inspire some architects! It would be nice to see houses like Adam’s Family, Scooby Doo or Strawberry Shortcake. Where creativity and innovation is concerned, the unexpected always happens!

By Geordie Published: February 20, 2011Posted in: Architecture & Design


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